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A game

Let’s play a game. Let’s pretend that you are in a open space that’s filled with absolutly nothing. Just you and your imagination for miles around you. Imagine that you will put there all your hopes and dreams, all the good stuff that happend or that you want  to happen to you. Imagine being there with your loved ones. Or not, the choice is all in your hands. Imagine you being able to do whatever you like. Imagine all of your dreams coming true. Imagine a world full of joy and wonder. Imagine you being able to see all that. Imagine you smiling every second of every single day of your life. Imagine not being able to feel fear or disappointment, not knowing those feelings. You would like that, huh?

It would be cruel of me to suggest to you to look around now so just close your eyes and let your imagination go wild. Play my game. Come into my world.


I’ll go first so you won’t be shy. I’m in a field that’s filled with flowers. White tiny flowers and a big tree far ahead of me. And I’m just lying there between the flowers. I’m not feeling any sorrows and I don’t have any bad feelings. I’m just smiling. I’m filled with a lot of great emotions just with the tought that I can see all this beauty. Did I forgot to mention that the sun is shining? And I’m in a little white dress, I traded the black one. There is no one with me there, but I can call anybody, anytime, anyway. I feel peacefull and happy.