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The man with no soul

It was a cold, black night. Everything was like a blur. The moon wasn’t in sight. Everything was black. I was wondering in the centre of the city, my favourite area of it. Don’t get me wrong. I was wondering on the streets behind the noise, the comercials, the light. I was admiring the old buildings, I was breathing the air back there, the air which was fresher than the front one, the one in the lights. I was trying to warm my own hands with no succes. I stopped in a little bar down the street and inside there, it was even darker but the place was sending out a warm feeling. A fuzzy, warm, known, peacefull feeling. It was quite a crowd in there, you could barely say you had your own space. You could say you were a little piece of it which fit damn good. The music was nice and soothing. I was starting to smile and trying to get a image of the whole place so I was just looking around. Admiring the green walls, the pictures hanging on to them, the long mahogany bar, the tables, the instruments in the corner that were waiting to be played, the people. Amoung the crowd I saw a man. I don’t know why I saw him in particular. It was something about him, about the way he walked, the way he talked, his gestures and especially his eyes. Strange look he had. No joy or sorrows. Nothing there. He didn’t look confused but he didn’t pay atention to nothing in particular. He didn’t seem to fit with the rest of us little pieces. In a way he was like the flaw that makes the whole piece more special. We were broken now…

We didn’t seem to fit anymore but we kinda did. So I kept looking around to see if everything was in place. We were still dancing, still drinking, men still admired beautiful women. We were fine. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath as a relief. I took off my coat and found a chair. I ordered a drink and I promised myself I’ll relax tonight, after all I was in place, feeling good, not feeling like a stranger. I had all the things that I loved around me. All the things that give me that certain feeling…That feeling that shouts from deep down – life couldn’t be better. Then somehow I saw him again. He was staring at me, deep inside my eyes. That look that made me so unconfortable, that empty look told me he knew. He knew I saw him and discovered that empty shell that doesen’t fit. The man without ear, the man without heart, the man with no spine, the man with no soul…looked at me. You would think that those things would keep me away, it would make me run, but I’ll lie if I said it’s true. It made me curious and eager for more. It made me surrender. It made me lose my head, lose myself into the night.

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