– Answer me this, why did we brake up?
– You tell me.
– You didn’t say what i wanted to hear.
– Oh, is that it ?
– No, not just that…

I wanted to tell him that I was afraid he could never love me the way I wanted to be loved, I was afraid that maybe he didn’t really have the capacity to love anyone but himself, I was afraid that giving the chance he’d brake my heart again but I cheated and just said …

– I guess I was afraid.

~ Sex and the city

  1. 04/01/2011 la 9:07 pm

    but what can i do if i don’t have the power and the courage to tell him that we must brake up? …because i feel like i’m dependent on his skin, his flavor, his warm hands…

  2. 07/01/2011 la 1:05 am

    Well, you must have a reason if you want to break up with him. Think about that. Think if it weights more than his intoxicating beeing? Than be brave and tell him what you want.

  3. 09/01/2011 la 5:06 pm

    thanx. i’ll try to be brave:D

  1. 13/01/2011 la 12:06 pm

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